Dublin Airport


  Design, Manufacture and Supply of Street Furniture and Air Vents Covers
  Laing O'Rourke
    John Paul Construction                   

  PJ Hegarty
       Paschall & Watson
Consulting  Engineer:

Terminal 2 was opened the 19th November 2010.

In 2009 Kent Stainless won the contract to supply PJ Hegarty with Kent Multi Internal Manholes for the Internal Concourses at the check in areas of T2 and also street furniture for the Kerbs, Forecourts and Campus road areas of Dublin Airport T2.

The Multi Internal Manholes were designed and modified to cover the cables ducts, using shallow 50mm deep tray to take 40mm polished granite tiles. Height adjustable support feet were added to help the contractor bed in the manholes. Later, the contract was extended to include manholes on the Link Bridges, set over a metal deck, all were made with B125 loading. In 2010 Kent Were approved by Martifer for the supply of all ventilation grilles at the walkway link bridges to  to the car park area. Kent Heelmesh Type 1 Gratings were used, fitting into KAF150 Angle Frame and modified to take blue spot uplighters and surrounding column supports. Later the link bridge from T1 to T2 was added to the contract and each panel was custom made to take up the contour of the edge of this structure, and cutouts to surround the handrail uprights. 

Also in 2010 Kent won the large contract for street furniture externally at T2 and Kent Solo Paver and Kent Multi Paver Manholes with B125 Loading were used throughout the area. Newgrange pavng flags were supplied by Kilsaran and Kent manholes were made to 100mm deep to take the 80mm deep slabs.

The contract also included the full range of Kent Street Furniture - Flag Poles, Litter Bins, Bollards, Bus Shelters, Balustrades, Trolley Bays,  Recessed Access Covers, Camera Poles(CCTV), Sign Poles and Tactile Warning Studs which were pre-studded onto the paving slabs.

Kent Stainless used a new Double Dip Finish to the Stainless Steel - Satin Polishing to 320 Grit and a short Electropolish immediately afterwards. As a result the cleaning regime for Kent Stainless supplied items is much easier than that for other stainless steel supplied items. 18 months on from supply while other stainless elements all required cleaning by an outside contractor Kent Stainless products were still in pristine condition.

Kent Stainless were selected from 140 subcontractors to receive the DAA T2 Contractor of the Month award for Quality for April 2010.

Over the next 18 months the scope included:

  • Balustrades
  • Trolley Bays
  • Manholes
  • Bollards
  • Litter Bins
  • Recessed Access Covers
  • Camera Poles (CCTV)
  • Sign Poles
  • Tactile Warning Studs
  • Flag Poles
  • Air Ventilation Covers