Greenwich, Creekside

Location:             Greenwich, Creekside
Project: Civil Highways Package
Clients: Telford Homes
Architect: Squire & Partners
Value: €200, 000 over both phases

Having successfully delivered a number of projects with Maylim Ltd., Kent Stainless were asked to team up again for their “Greenwich Creekside” project.  Kent Stainless designed and manufactured a range of custom sized drainage, access points and recessed manholes for the project.  The distinctive stone and exacting requirements of architect Squire & Partners ensured Kent Stainless designed and manufactured a wide variety of frame sizes to B125, C250 and D400 load capabilities.  The covers were also supplied with various badges and laser cut text to identify the services underneath each cover.

Kent Stainless also designed a range of stainless steel channel and heelmesh grating for the project.  Specifically designed to deal with high slab levels on site (the max depth of the channel is 60mm), Kent Stainless were able to design the channel and grating to take the required flow rates.  The flow rates were calculated by Kent Stainless design team using our in house software.  Due to the predicted high levels of pedestrians in the area, all the heelmesh grating was lock down and heel proof.  Kent Stainless also reduced its standard channel width of 150mm to 126mm overall, to match the design specifications requested by Squire & Partners.

Having successfully completed phase one in 2009, Kent Stainless were contracted again for phase two in late 2011.

We also supplied bollards, anti skateboard studs and cycle racks.