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  • TYPE 2 - Paver In Ground Power UnitKIGU - 450/600


    The Kent Paver In Ground Power Unit, KIGU- 450/600 TYPE 2 is an ideal product for trading areas, open air areas with events and exhibitions where temporary power is required. The In Ground Power Unit is ideal for traffic light control, CCTV control and telecoms. This model, Type 2 has a 450mm x 600mm top recessed cover.

    It contains an IP 67 electrical panel that holds a combination of 3 or 4 sockets either 16A or 32A. Alternatively, it can hold a smaller IP67 electrical panel with 2 sockets plus an additional data panel with 1 to 4 RJ45 sockets.

    For added safety the lids are closed during operation. The hinged recessed cover ensures the units are unobtrusive when not in-use. The In Ground Power Units are manufactured in accordance with FACTA and BS EN124 standards. The covers are suitable for all types of paving blocks and are manufactured to meet required loadings. They are fabricated in 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm stainless steel as standard but material can be changed to Mild Steel Galvanised when required.

    Also available from our Qatar office +974 3372 1757 مكتب قطر


    • Gas Rams
    • 4 IP67 rated sockets as standard
    • 2 IP67 rated sockets plus RJ45 data point (optional)
    • Slam lock
    • Excellent for market trading areas
    • Drain point with anti-rodent mesh
    • Chequer plate tops available


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    Technical Specifications:

     Reference Visible Frame Size   Unit Depth Tray Depth
    400mm x 450mm 450mm 80mm