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  • Kent Solo PaverKSP-450/450


    Kent Solo Paver Manholes for Block Paved Areas, KSP-450/450, have unique Laser Cut lettering on the lifting corners to indicate services.


    The recessed cover units are manufactured in accordance with EN124 and FACTA stanadards and are available in various loadings. The covers are 80mm deep as standard (100mm deep is also a popular option) and are fabricated in 3mm, 4mm, 6mm or 8mm thick stainless steel as standard, and galvanised versions are available.



    • Laser Cut lettering in four corners
    • Triangle lifting points aid block cutting
    • Identification normally comprises
    • Manufacturer
    • Loading
    • Year of Manufacture
    • Utility Identification
    • Tapered sides to prevent jamming
    • Full perimeter flange


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    Technical Specifications

     Product Code Clear Opening  Tray Depth  Visible Frame Size
    KSP-450/450 450mm x 450mm 80mm 552mm x 552mm
    KSP-600/450 600mm x 450mm 80mm 702mm x 702mm
    KSP-600/600 600mm x 600mm 80mm 702mm x 702mm
    KSP-750/600 750mm x 600mm 80mm  852mm x 702mm
    KSP-750/750 750mm x 750mm 80mm 852mm x 852mm
    KSP-900/600 900mm x 600mm 80mm 1002mm x 702mm
    KSP-900/750 900mm x 750mm  80mm 1002mm x 852mm
    900mm x 900mm  80mm 1002mm x 1002mm

    Customized sizes to suit exact paving slab dimensions available in small production runs at no extra cost.