Engineering Capabilities

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Kent Stainless is an engineering business with expertise in design and analysis.

Working across multiple sectors, we have a depth and breadth of knowledge enabling us to solve problems and innovate. We develop and support successful relationships with our clients through collaboration and being honest, flexible and responsive in our approach.

Our high standards and passion are valued by our clients and core to all that we do. The variety of work and the challenging projects that we deliver is accomplished by close collaboration with our clients and project partners. These include consultants, contractors, architects and OEMs, tailoring our services to suit their size and needs.

We are the Right Choice for Architects, Consulting Engineers and Contractors.

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How you can rely on our Expertise to Deliver your Project

Mechanical design is at the heart of what Kent Stainless do. We have extensive experience of delivering cost effective, reliable solutions across a wide range of sectors.

Kent Stainless’s expertise includes designing both simple and complex structures that are either fixed or integrated with moving elements.

Kent Stainless are able to offer mechanical piping design and pressure vessel design services. In addition, our structural design capability means that we can design or assess supporting steelwork, integrating it into the pipework model and producing detailed drawings for manufacture.

Kent Stainless’s analysis capability is used to support our own internal design work as well as to support the design work of others. In addition to standard static finite element analysis we can also carry out complex and non-linear studies including dynamic, thermal, and flow analysis.

Production of 3D model files through Solidwork and Revit.

We have a wide range of experience of performing checks for mechanical, structural and vessel equipment, such as: – Visual Welding Inspection, Dye Pen, Radiographic, PMI, Hydrostatic, Pneumatic, Drainage, Riboflavin, FAT Test, Bioscope and Surface Roughness.

Kent Stainless have state of the art software allowing us to apply Finite Element Analysis to all fabrication, welds and pressure points on your tanks.

This allows us perform the following tests:

  • Linear
  • Non-Linear
  • Buckling
  • Thermal
  • Dynamic
  • Fatigue
  • Flow Analysis

We currently have 23 Design Engineers on our Engineering Team. Within this we specialist covering diverse areas such as Drainage, Public Realm Enhancement; Sanitary & Medical Fitout; Wastewater Machinery and Sub-Contract Fabrication for other Engineering Companies.

15% Working solely on CAD, 70% Working on CAD and Solid Works; 15% working on CAD, Solid Works and Revit.