Line drawings for an engineering project

Our projects range from concept design and initial ideas right through to producing detail manufacturing drawings.

We continue to support our clients through the delivery and commissioning. This gives us a unique insight and ability to deliver complete solutions.

Satisfying the bespoke nature of our clients’ requirements is the reason for our growth and delivering this is the core competence of our company.

Designer working on a 3D model

The Requirement / The Problem / The Opportunity

Architects, Consulting Engineers and Contractors approach us with an idea. Sometimes it is a machinery manufacturer or supplier requiring something different & bespoke.
  • Something that is not available on the market yet
  • Something that could improve a standard product that is on the market
  • Something that is available in other markets but not locally
This is often seen as a requirement by the site, a problem for the designer, but also an opportunity for Kent Stainless.


This can be in the form of:
  • Simple Sketch
  • Drawings of an Alternative Product requiring Value Engineering
  • A specification list of functional characteristics which need to be proven to work, yet require an aesthetic design improvement, or a hygienic design input


Kent Stainless have 23 Design Engineers and a fully independent R&D Department of 5 Senior Engineers.

Depending on the complexity of the idea, the concept is created using CAD, Solidworks, or Building Information modelling BIM software

The initial concept is then presented to the client


Working closely with the client, the concept is developed further into a Proposed Solution. Once manufacturing constraints or site requirements have all been designed into the proposed solution, we apply FEA – Finite Element Analysis. Here we can test performance under many conditions – durability, snow loading, wind force, flow rates, load bearing forces, tensile stress. This analysis will tell us of the design will bear up to the pressures it was designed for.


Kent Stainless will offer then the best performing solution, with the highest aesthetic or hygienic characteristics for the most cost-effective price.