Brake Presses
We have a 2 Trumpf CNC Press Brakes to fold component parts to strict tolerances. Our longest folding length is 7m with a single 600 ton EHT press brake. We use TruTops Boost 3D software for designing parts as well as conducting offline simulations prior to production.

Our Press Brakes are equipped with a wide range of tooling to suit most requirements.
1.5mm sheet up to 10mm plate are folded allowing us form light duty products such as domestic drainage and changing room lockers up to heavy duty sewage treatment belt presses

We have 3 Plate Bending Rolls, with a maximum roll length of 1.5m, 2.0m and 3.0m with our thickest material being 12mm on the 3.0m roller
These are used on a wide range of products from 50mm radius street furniture litter bins from 3mm material, up to 2000mm radius biopharmaceutical waste collection tanks from 6mm material.


  • Trubend 5130 – Press Force 1300 kN – Bending Length 3230mm
  • Trubend 5320 – Press Force 3200 kN – Bending Length – 4420mm


  • Rondo Plate Bending Rolls – Capacity 3000mm x 12mm
  • Rondo Plate Bending Rolls – Capacity 1500mm x 3mm
  • Morgan Rushworth Plate Bending Rolls – Capacity 2000mm x 6mm