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Kents Stainless, Ardcavan, Wexford

Photograph by Jim Campbell Photography (Wexford)
Phone: 00353 (0)87 343 4932
Web: https://warlens.co.uk/
email : campbell.pressfoto@gmail.com

Are you ready for a new challenge?

Kent Stainless has grown to a team of over 200 people across Engineering, fabrication, administration, finance, purchasing and sales and marketing. We are continuously on the lookout for talented individuals to join our innovative team. Take a look at our current open positions below.

Our Values

Customer First

We have grown in the middle 2 recessions – because we changed to suit customer demands. This has been the cornerstone of our survival and our continuing growth.


If there’s a problem we fix it. If it’s our fault we fix it. If it’s your fault we fix it. The client base that has stayed with us long term do so because there is never a continuing problem with Kent Stainless products.

Custom Design

We are actively looking for your product ideas that make us stand apart from the competition. Value Added features are what have enabled us grow our product range.

Quality Solutions That Last

Challenging environments require robust product solutions. Our product design life is often >30 years

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Our Purpose

To support our customers by providing superior products of exceptional value which help them gain competitive advantage in their markets.


Become the international manufacturer of choice for stainless steel products across all markets we operate in.