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Our Range of Drain Product Categories

Our oldest product group designed and manufactured since 1990. Here you will find drains inside the building, on the roof, balcony or door threshold, and externally for streetscape projects.

Drainage Channels were initially developed for projects internally with heavy duty loading in Food, Drinks and Pharmaceutical Factories.

Later lower cost barefoot friendly stainless steel drainage channel systems were developed for hotels, leisure centres and pedestrian areas like commercial office fitouts or kitchens.

In the 2000’s stainless steel slot drain was developed for the UK public realm market and this was added to later by 5 inch wide or 125mm channel drain systems with heelproof gratings.

Similarly with floor gullies, these were developed originally as part of a ss drain system – heavy duty for forklift traffic in processing factories and lighter duty for hotels, leisure centres and offices.  Carpark or Streetscape gullies and area drains were developed later with B125 loading and with lockdown heelproof grates.

Grease Interceptors or Grease Traps are made from mild steel for underground installations with Stainless Steel Grease Separators designed bespoke to retro fit into commercial kitchens.



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