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We manufacture products under 9 main product categories and in the UK and Ireland all subsections of all 9 categories are offered.

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Our business started in the 1980’s with a range of  stainless steel drainage designed for use internally in Food and Beverage Factories and later this developed into a specialised range of SS Drainage for Pharmaceutical Factories.  The drainage was included in piping and plumbing packages that also included recessed access covers or manhole covers.

Having completed the drain systems on these projects we further developed Stainless Steel Wall and Surface Protection for the architectural packages.  Later we added to this with Stainless Steel Cleanroom Fitout products like stepover benches, utility stations and fire extinguisher cabinets.

While this grew our business substantially it was the later 2010s when we were asked to develop a range of Process Waste Tanks and BioWaste tanks that could deal with the run off from these SS Drain Systems.

From the early 2000’s the stainless steel drainage that had been used internally in the factory projects began to be demanded for streetscape projects.  This started with Landscape Slot Drains and continued with drain channel systems with heel-proof grates..  Similarly the internal access covers range was modified to encompass recessed manhole covers for paving blocks to be used in landscaped areas of new urban realm enhancement projects.

While we were already supplying Stainless Steel Bollards for internal Surface Protection use inside factories, it was a natural addition to develop stainless steel bollards as part of a street furniture package for urban development and regeneration schemes.  This range added nicely to the streetscape drainage and recessed manhole cover range.

This stainless steel street furniture range has grown enormously to include corten steel and powder coated products such as bollards, seats, benches, litter bins, and sculptures.

One recent addition to the range has been Heelproof Load Bearing Ventilation Grilles.  This was a natural addition to the stainless steel gratings we had been making for channel drainage and floor drains.  We now make EN124 B125, C250 and D400 heelproof Ventilation Grilles spanning many metres.

In addition, since 2002 Kent Stainless acquired 100% of the existing Solids Technology business.  The business division continues to design and manufacture stainless steel Belt Filter Presses, Gravity Belt Thickeners and we have recently added customised  Polymer Dosing Systems to the range.

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