We currently have 63 weld stations & our team of certified welders are experts in their field, participating and winning national and international awards for welding skills. We weld to unlimited thickness and position & most projects are high end bespoke projects with the corresponding weld requirements.

We have a full range of welding capabilities including TIG, MIG, MAG, Spray, Pulse Spray Welding.

  • Orbital Welders x
  • Manual Pulse Arc Welders x 25
  • Manual TIG Welders x 31
  • Manual MIG Welders x 8

Our welders are certified to European Welding Standard and ASME and we consistently exceed industry standards and our customers’ expectations.

  • EN 1090:2008 Welding Control Certificate – structural components and kits for fabricated structures
  • Weld Procedure Qualification Records (PQRs) approved to ASME IX and EN 15614
  • Welder Qualification Test Certification (WQTs) approved to ASME IX and EN 287-1 (EN ISO 9606-1 from early 2018)
  • In-house Welding Inspectors qualified to CSWIP Level 2