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Much of what you should need for your project is covered individually on the product pages or summarised here in our brochures. Also post print many products get developed which make it to our website in advance of the next publication.

Stainless Steel Finishes

The Kent Steel Sample Brochure showcases the 12 various Stainless Steel finishes we provide.
Each piece is removable for an in-person experience. All features and examples are listed.
The 12 finishes listed are:

  • Pre-Weathered Corten
  • Kent Antique Copper
  • Kent Metallic Black
  • Kent Imitation Corten
  • 3D Screen Print
  • Tiger Bronze
  • Passivated
  • Satin Finish 320 Grit Polished
  • Shot Peened
  • Cold Rolled Electropolished
  • Bright Satin
  • Bright Peened

For a hard copy of our Steel Sample brochure, please contact us.
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Bollards Range

The Kent Bollards Brochure is part of the street furniture family of brochures. This brochures main purpose is to show the client how to specify the bollard they require it also provides information about previous bollards manufactured by Kent Stainless.

The Brochure highlights possible choices of bollards for the consumer. Our extended list of Bollards, Power Bollards and Sockets can be found on our website, or by clicking here


The Kent Commercial Drainage Brochure is one in a family of three Kent Drainage Brochures that also includes the Kent Industrial Drainage and Kent Civil Drainage Brochures. This brochure will cover Commercial Drains, Residential Drains and Other Building Drains.

The intended use of the majority of these products is in areas predominantly subjected to pedestrian traffic. For the Residential Drains this is exclusively pedestrian, but the remainder of the Commercial Drainage range can take heavy traffic due to thicker stainless steel construction on relatively small drain bodies.

This range is often off the shelf, or with short lead times, is low cost, attractive and made fully from grade 304 stainless steel – with an option in most cases for grade 316 stainless steel. Products in this range comply with EN1253 or EN1433 and are manufactured in Kent Stainless modern factory operating to ISO9001 quality standards.

In Ground Units

The In Gound Units (IGU) brochure displays Kent Stainless’s range of in ground units. The main IGU is the the In ground power unit which comes in three models; Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3. Each model is a different size and can possess different configurations of 16/32 AMP plugs, RCBOs, RJ45’s and XLR sockets.

Industrial DRAINAGE

The Kent Industrial Drainage Brochure is one in a family of three Kent Drainage Brochures that also includes the Kent Commercial Drainage and Kent Civil Drainage Brochures. This brochure will cover Industrial Gully Drains, Industrial Channels, Access Covers, Gratings and Double Contained Drainage.

The intended use of the majority of these products is in Factories with washdown areas predominantly requiring very high flow rates and subjected to heavy forklift traffic. Specification clauses are in Grade 304 Stainless Steel as standard.

The Industrial Gully Drains, Channels, Gratings and Access covers are most often supplied into Food, Dairy, Pharmaceutical Factories. The Double Contained Drainage Range is most often supplied to a Pharmaceutical Factory, or projects with high sugar content discharge or areas prone to acidic content. They are often used also in laboratories where there may be light duty traffic, but very hazardous content in the washdown run-off. The specification clauses for this section are all in grade 316 as standard. The range covered here is very often customised and many variations of each gully or channel are possible.

Products in this range comply with EN1253 or and are manufactured in Kent Stainless modern factory in Wexford, Ireland, operating to ISO9001 quality standards.

Kent Process Waste Tanks

This brochure gives a brief description of the Kent Process Waste Tanks product range.

Public realm projects

This brochure showcases images of a broad range of public realm projects in Ireland, the UK and the Middle East.

The products included in these products are Access Covers, In Ground Power Units, External Drainage and Street Furniture.

Kent Studs and Strips

This brochure gives a brief description of the Kent Studs and Strips product range.


The Kent manhole brochure covers Kent’s selection of external and internal manholes, in ground units, external gullies, ventilation grilles and gratings.

The intended use of the majority of the internal products are predominantly subjected to pedestrian traffic. For the external products, the majority of these products range are manufactured to take heavy traffic due to the possibility of vehicles parking or driving on them. Kent access covers loading is measured by using FACTA and EN124, the class of the covers show what kind of traffic loading the cover can safely take.

A fabricated cover is a lot more than just a manhole cover. Unlike a manhole cover, fabricated covers fulfill a huge variety of applications both internal and external. Fabricated covers can be made in a variety of materials and offer flexibility of design that a cast manhole cover cannot. Bespoke designs, short production runs and even single covers are all possible.

Monoliths range

The Kent monoliths brochure presents Kent’s range of way finding signage and monolith displays. This brochure represents one of the most popular street furniture sections available from Kent Stainless.

The products in this brochure include:

• Entrance totems
• Wayfinding monoliths
• Touchscreen totems
• Monolith base box
• Finger-posts
• Lectern

Pharmaceutical drains

Kent Stainless have a long established track record for being the number 1 designer and manufacturer of stainless steel drainage for the Pharmaceutical, Bio Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage, Dairy and Meat Sectors. Our focus is on innovations in this sector and the ability to customise small production runs for each specific project.

Slot drain range

Kent Slot drain is a discreet surface drainage channel which is commonly used in public realm sites. Kent Slot Drain is also available in Curved and Top slot variations.

Kent Modular Slot Drain Channel is produced in 1000mm lengths which are joined using a throat and collar connection. Lengths can also be cut back on site to match exact lengths required.

Specialist medical range

The Kent Stainless bespoke hospital Installations & Special medical brochure showcases bespoke stainless steel hospital products manufactured to order from the customer. These priducts are widely popular in the Pharmaceutical factories, Hospitals, Cleanrooms, and Clinics.

This brochure features products such as:

• Cabinets
• Sluice units
• Autopsy tables
• Scrub stations
• Bedpan washers

street furniture range

The Kent Street furniture brochure outlines previous street furniture projects completed by them. The majority of the street furniture products can be modified in size, weight or shape in order to suit the project needs.. The Street Furniture product in this brochure are as follows:

  • Sculptures
  • Shelters
  • Advertising totems
  • Light poles
  • Flag poles
  • Signage
  • Balustrade
  • Seats
  • Benches
  • Litter bins
  • Cycle stands
  • Studs
  • Bollards
  • Tree protection


Kent Stainless is a manufacturer of Stainless Steel Drainage Channels and Gullies since 1982. Recognising the need for continuous improvement from our client base in the Brewery, Drinks, Dairy, Meat, Food and Pharmaceutical Sector, we have revolutionised the design of our industrial; channels with the addition of the Kent Superclean Hygienic Drainage Channel and Gullies.

Check out our range in Superclean Hygienic Drainage Systems by clicking the download brochure button.


 Solids Technology International Ltd is a market leader in the field of environmental protection and preservation, with a large client base spreading worldwide. Solids Technology has over 700 installations worldwide predominately for the municipal waste water sector, but also in industries such as food, dairy, oil, pharmaceutical, abattoir, industrial soil and water treatment.

Check out our capabilities in dewatering machinery by clicking the download brochure button

Surface Protection

The Kent Stainless Surface Protection brochure covers Kent’s range of Tubular Bump Rail, Wall Guards and Crash Rails, and Internal Bollards (Factory & Cleanroom).

We offer these products to hospitals, airports, railway stations, factories, hotels, and a variety of other sectors.

Check out our range of Surface Protection products by clicking the download brochure button