Wastewater treatment plant

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Our wastewater business began in 2002 with the acquisition of the company Solids Technology. We manufacture dewatering machinery for Water Authorities in the UK, Ireland and South Africa. This machinery is also used for dewatering sludge in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.


Interiors: we start with drainage in the bathrooms, changing areas, and office canteens or kitchens. These drains often feed into our greased interceptors. Following on we provide surface protection to the walls, corridors and display areas. Large scale office developments now encompass Roof Gardens with our planters, and the front landscaped areas can often have a large range of street furniture – from LED Handrail to Planters, Bins, Seating, Ventilation for Underground Car Parks, and Wayfinding Monoliths – all from one source and all available for your project on BIM.

Our previous customers in this industry include:

Map of Kents completed wastewater projects around the world